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2 years ago

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After reading some of my memories of the school they asked me to spend some of my experiences in college, so here's share: During my first semester, I shared a room in the bedroom of a girl named Judy Brighton. It was fun, and we soon became good friends. Judy already had a friend named Marc and quickly hooked up with his friend wetmummy Steve. We've had wetmummy some great nights together shit, usually end with the four of us in the same bed. I often wake up Marc 's hand gently stroked between her legs in the morning to find. I really believe that one with me, I would have mattered, because there was a huge queue. Judy and kissed her as we were screwed, which seemed to lead the wild boys. Sometimes when we were a little drunk, put us in a little show for them, sucking their cocks at once and let the blasting his sperm on the face, lips and tongues, shooting yourself in the nose, eyesd hair, then slowly lick cum from each other in the face and say that tongue as we kissed. Generally, we will reward us with repeat radiation with another big dose of semen, wetmummy they also share. Sometimes, after filling his mouth with his cum, I put my head above Judys and let drip slowly from my mouth, dripping down his mouth open. The kids were very excited and said it should have been two pornstars. A weekend of Marc and Steve invited to a party at Steve, we all agreed it was a good idea and will keep you on the following weekend. We left the boys to organize everything. Finally the day came and went to get some booze Marc for the party. Judy and I sat on the couch with Steve just a , which had made so we can get in the mood. As soon as Marc had gone, he had shot down our shorts and tops, wetmummy while he speaks to us the two fingers and play with our hearts, as we all saw the video. When we sat pLaying each rang. Judy and quickly put our shorts and shirts and underwear stuffed in the couch. There was a large group of Marc and his colleagues at the University football were all carrying cases of beer. "Where are the other girls," she cried, as the last man entered the room. Steve wetmummy looked at me and shrugged, as he knew nothing of them coming over all. Both boys were behaving strangely all day and I could tell by the way they smiled at each other, they have planned this week. eyes Judy glowed with anticipation. We were about to catch the gang and we were both looking forward to meeting you! You have no time for the cause. Marc went to me and began to squeeze my tits in front of Steve in the middle of my superior. One of his friends gathered behind me and put a hand on the front of my pants until their sticky fingers found the folds of my pussy. Marc then started sucking my tits while I hump the finger my pussy. Do not take me long to finish. Marc then pulled my shorts, while his friend pulled me over and left me completely naked. Marc then wetmummy took me and led me over his shoulder to the room of several of his friends followed. I looked back and saw Judy on her knees to suck four or five doses, waving in his face. Marc lay on the bed, opened his pants, my wetmummy legs, got up and told me to put his dick in my pussy. I grabbed his thick shaft and head between my juicy pussy lips. Marc moved until he could feel his cock slipping into my hole, then pushed hard on me until it was fully integrated. He started hitting me like a machine, until I was screaming and begging for more. I felt his cock swell inside me. Gasped loudly as his cum began to jet in my belly. She ran and ran until it was too crowded. I was gasping for air like an orgasm after another consumed me. wetmummy marc were removed and the others entered the series. I turned around and one of them came into my pussy sloppy in the back. Two others sat in front of me waving their tails in my face. I quickly swallowed one and then the oth
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